A discreet, confidential cleaning and other services for people struggling with addiction (s) and their home/office space needs cleaning.

People struggling with addiction and/or family members can feel ashamed, embarrassed, isolated, frustrated, cluttery mind and not able to cope with cleaning their space.

As a Mother and daughter team, we are familiar with addictions and the painful truths that come with living in a space of addiction.

Your experience with us will be supportive, professional and confidential.

What we do:

  • Clean spaces requested by the person living with an addiction
  • Clean spaces of your loved living with an addiction

Are you going to treatment or going away to get help?

  • We clean your space while you are away
  • Clean your loved ones space while they are away in treatment or seeking help
  • Do you have pets? We can handle transporting them to a loved one
  • We collect mail, visit pets, house sit your home while you are away
  • Special projects can be requested

Did you need the morning after cleaned up ?

Whether you had a night of drinking or a party that needs cleaning up our team will come out to help you clean up and take your bottles away

Special Projects Available with urgency

Last Minute appointments available

Confidential and Discreet staff available in your space

This call is a 30 min call to talk about your needs and our services are a good fit.

or you can email us info@themorningafterservices.ca by clicking on the link below.